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rishabh gupta

Indian education sector is growing day by day and is in full throttle to open brighter avenues for the country. One of the prime challenges for India's swelling growth is severe 'skill' gap across all sectors. Consequently, there is need to prepare and plan for world class, competent, skilled and innovative workforce by bringing in collaborative efforts between the key stakeholders - Government, Industry and Academia, in order to meet the challenges of the new age knowledge economy.

It gives me immense joy to see that our school has, over the years, acquired the true mark of excellence as a world class school not only in the field of academic learning but also in all areas of educational activity.

Richmondd Global School (RGS) has set up an impressive state-of-the-art infrastructure with best facilities and resources and an eminent teaching faculty to facilitate global education in India.

RGS, being a highly progressive and enterprising school, caters to the needs of the contemporary society through technology in education. The Parent Information Web Portal (PIWP) enhances the education delivery systems by providing an interactive platform between the school and parents where parents can track, analyse and monitor the progress of the child continuously and comprehensively. The Educomp Smart Class Programme provides high-tech interactive teaching and learning experience to students through 3D animations, graphics, digital resources such as videos and simulated models.

Our unique Cambridge (U.K.) Curriculum and collaborations with international organizations such as Tony Blair's Face to Faith Foundation by British Council of India, Pleckgate High School, UK, Stoughton Infant School, Surrey, UK and projects with Australian High Commission, prepare every RGS student as a global citizen.

Special emphasis is laid on skill development programmes aiming to develop inquiring, knowledgable, self disciplined young learner with intense perseverance to meet the challenges of the modern society.

With this perspective RGS seeks the height of success and glory to help you fulfill your dreams.

Mr. Rishabh Gupta