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Class 12 Admission In Delhi

The best education is a key for bright future. But it is only possible if you are studying and completing your higher education from the best school in West Delhi. Richmondd Global School provides you international-level education experience. Getting admission in class 12 in Delhi's famous Richmondd Global School has been desired by the parents for a long time.

Particularly because here we do our best as tutor to help students gain the top rank in CBSE. We already have toppers from the same class in which you will learn and grow ahead in the 12th Standard. After all, admission to class 12 is like a finale of school education. Your grades and marks in the 12th class bridges the distance of pursuing a dream course from a recognized university or collegeof your choose.

Science, Medical, Business or Arts, no matter what your specializations are, if you are taking admission in class 12 in Delhi with a clear mindset that you might have built in the class 10 admission then nothing will be difficult. We do accept 12th class online admission. The requests for admission to class 12 are accepted offline also. So what are you waiting for? Go to Official Website of Richmondd Global School or come to campus and clarify your all doubts and queries regarding 12th class online admission.

Class 12 Admission Form in Delhi

Richmondd Global School is always ready to accept your application for admission in class 12. But make sure you are prepared to meet the criteria and guidelines mentioned over the 12th class form. The 12th admission form comprises a few general and important questions that you need to fill by answering each. Filling up the class 12 registration form is essential as it carries all information about the student and parents, which is helpful from the safety and growth perspective of the child. After all, 12th class is class of much importance. 12th standard serves as base for yourfuture plans.You must be very careful and authentic while filling up class 12 form. So be determined and enter your 12th class with complete dedication.

Class 12 Admission Eligibility Criteria in Delhi

Class 12 student age can never be ignored because CBSE is bit strict in this regard. The eligibility is the major factor when the 12th standard admission begins. There are specific rules mandated by CBSE related to 12th class student age. The student needs to fit the desired class 12 student age. 17 is an ideal minimum age accepted by CBSE for the 12th class student age. Mostly students in class 12 are between 17 to 18 years. Make sure the documents and other eligibility metrics have been checked at the time of admission. If the student is below the desired age, parents need to talk with the school management. CBSE schools are a bit strict about eligibility criteria, especially when it’s about higher class or 12th class. Do remember it is not easy to enroll yourself in the 12th class as your marks of your previous class may also be counted to qualify you for the 12th standard.

Class 12 Admission Test in Delhi

The admission test paper for class 12 is one of the best introductions to the difficulty and challenges a student will face in the live 12th classes ahead. Although class 12 admission test paperonly includes some general questions from the syllabus of your previous class, yet you must prepare for it thoroughly.

The class 12 admission test is not necessary for old students, as the admission test class 12 is just for the new students conducted to identify the positive and negative points of the students. The student need to pass the interview questions for class 12 admission also only then admission will be approved. So make sure you are fully prepared for the admission test.

If unfortunately, the student does not clear the entrance exam for class 12 CBSE, then he/she may not be accepted at Richmondd Global School. The class 12 entrance exam is of much importance in all aspects.

Board Exam for Class 12

The 12th board exam is extremely valuable. By enrolling in the 12th class, you can better understand the complexities, significance and growth opportunities in a particular education stream. When you apply for admission in class 12, you select one of the following streams

• Commerce

• Science (Medical\Non-Medical)

• Arts

Students pursuing the commerce stream need to prepare themselves for business and accounts specializations. Similarly, science students must prepare themselves for the medical field or the technical ones and students pursuing arts stream must prepare themselves for general and creative fields. The 12th exam form must be filled only when you are ready to take a plunge into the final schooling exam because after the 12th CBSE board examyou will be judged on the basis of your marks obtained.

Your admission to colleges may be approved on basis of CBSE 12th exam. Since it is the board exam, the CBSE class 12 result date becomes the no.1 search on Google each year as students are excited to check their performance in the 12 board exams.