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Future for Franchisee in India

Future for Franchisee in India

In spite of the increase in total number of schools in India, Indian franchising is yet to reach its zenith. India would be able to do so with its huge population, the growing aspirations and prosperity of the middle class, changing lifestyles, growing entrepreneurial culture, and the shifting of gears to small cities and towns. All these factors will lead to the growth of a WIN-WIN partnership between the franchiser and franchisee. We will train you in everything you need to know to open and operate your school successfully!

Key attractions of franchisers in Education

  • Education is one of the recession-proof sectors of the developing Indian economy. Since families have more disposable income at hand, they are ready to spend on good quality education
  • Gain the entire business concept with full training, assistance in every aspect of setting up and running the organisation
  • Not have to worry about what to teach and how to teach but merely follow the developed concept
  • Have an access to Regional and National promotions/Advertising campaigns
  • No specific legislation to regulate franchising in India
  • Education franchisees are comparatively contented with their franchise infrastructure
  • There is a vast pool of young entrepreneurial talent to be tapped by the franchising world

For franchise inquires please contact Ms Ranu Bhat, Senior Manager (Global Public Relations) through Mobile: 9999981703 or email: richmonddglobalgroup@gmail.com