Richmondd Global School and You

Imagine owning your own innovative world and touching the lives each day! We combine a successful organization model with a superior and unique educational approach. When you join our family, you will benefit from our global expertise in the field of education.

What sets us apart!

WOW: Our World of Witty
Our Intellectual Development Centre is the centerpiece of our building design. All visitors enter this through our glorious reception. It is their Wow moment! Not only is this an exceptionally beautiful space, but an integral part of our curriculum and an excellent marketing tool for all our owners.

Everyday Excellence
We command excellence! This expectation is woven into every aspect of our programs including accreditation, environment, training and support. Australian designed curriculum with a European touch is developed by Dr Jane Menzies (Australia) and Ms Varinder Arora (UK). Our key skills learning policies allow every child to reach their potential as they experience and discover the joy of learning.

Our team of Professionals
As a Richmondd Global owner, you will enjoy the advantages of having an amazing team behind you at each step of the way.

  • RG Construction (Construction and Interior designing)
  • RG Quality Assurance (Monitoring, Evaluation and support)
  • RG Studio (Marketing and Design)
  • RG Tracking (Records and Accounting)
  • RG Help Desk (Every question, Everyday) we provide a good international system “Help Desk.”
  • RG Scholars (Academic Team)
  • RG Operations Squad
  • RG Curriculum Support Forum

Your Success is our Success! Our Richmondd Global Team will focus on individualised training plans to maximize your school’s performance.

We do it all!

Protected Territory
Each franchise location has a 5 km radius of protection from all other franchises to optimize success.

Site Selection
We assist you in analysing the demographics of a particular market and each specific site to maximise the success of each school.

Standard Building plans
We furnish a full set of specifications of our prototype building through our empanelled architect and interior designers in order to adapt your site to a Richmondd Global building.

Management Training Program
We will train you and your immediate staff at our main school (Headquarters) prior to completion of your school construction.

Onsite training
Prior to the opening, the staff in your school will be trained.

Grand opening
Extensive planning and onsite assistance at the opening will be handed to you.

Marketing Strategies
We assist you in devising marketing strategies. This includes inventories of proven marketing materials and guidance about Media Planning.

Operational Start up Support
Our operational team will visit your school and advise you on operational improvements and the perfection of your business procedures and system.