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Class 8 Admission In Delhi

Admission for class 8 comes with new hope. T he curiosity and excitement of students for whole new syllabus, attractive books, interactive classes and new teachers in the 8th class is worth noticing. This will be an absolutely unique experience for many students as they are shifting to a new school through admission in class 8 in Delhi.

However, class 8 admission has never been that friendly and convenient to parents and students like today. It is the result of commitments and a kind vision of Richmondd Global School that we are accepting maximum admission for class 8 each year. Richmondd Global School wants each student to become a skilled and talented learner, not just in class 8 but at multiple academic levels after the 8th standard.

We foresee a bright future ahead and the students are its foundation. Thus, in an endeavor to make the best education available to all in Delhi, Richmondd Global School shares comprehensive schooling and learning experiences with the students in a productive environment. Richmondd Global School is proud of being one of the top choices of parents for schools in Delhi for the admission in class 8. No wonder, our CBSE affiliated school will be the no.1 school for your kids!

Class 8 Admissions Form in Delhi

There is no reason for delay as the registration form for admission to class 8 is readily available at Richmondd Global School. Now taking admission in class 8 in Delhi is no longer that challenging as it was used to be. Contact us through the inquiry form on Official Website of Richmondd Global School to clear out your any kind of query or concern over the form.

As soon as you are fully assured over your decision of selecting Richmondd Global School, reach out and apply for class 8 admissions to help your kid step up in their academic life. The admission for class 8 will bring them more growth opportunities. The class will widen their thought process, vision for the future and their career.

Class 8 Admissions Eligibility Criteria in Delhi

Eligibility is one of the biggest stumbling blocks in taking admission in class 8 in Delhi. Mostly admission class 8 is rejected or not accepted due to certain conditions mandated by CBSE. Such as, if you are choosing Richmondd Global School for class 8 admission, then make sure that you have passing certificate of the child of the previous school. For admission for class 8, students must be 12 or 12+ years old. Students from 8th class or 8th standard are expected to give their best for their academic life and future, so, eligibility criteria are strictly followed.

Class 8 Admissions Test in Delhi

Richmondd Global School conducts the admission test paper for class 8 to assess students' capabilities and learning in the classes before 8th standard. However, the class 8 admission test paper has been kept easy to answer for the students. Still parents, guardians and students themselves can seek advice from their teachers over the class 8 admission test.

The admission test for class 8 is like an entrance exam for class 8 CBSE, which is mandatory for all news students at Richmondd Global School. However, old students need not fear about class 8 entrance exams as they do not need to clear any such exam. The interview questions for class 8 admission are also asked from the new students.

However, the school takes the help of test papers with an only aim to identify and introduce better with the student's abilities. After the test each teacher interacts, understands and answers students' queries during live classes. So, we can conclude that the test is just a quick revision.

The test will include only general and fundamental questions from the syllabus of previous classes that students need to answer to ensure they are suitable for 8th class.