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Class 1st Admission in Delhi

The Admission for class 1after kindergarten always make parents more conscious and happy as this is a step towards start of primary education. So Richmondd Global School happily announces1st class admission open to all kids for excellent, flawless and well-disciplined education.

Class 1st admission in Delhi at Richmondd Global School are conducted both online and offline.

Your early decision will secure a valuable place for your child in Delhi’s one of the most prestigious schools – Richmondd Global School. Your little champ could embark successfully on this journey to his academic life. So getting admission in class 1 in Delhi's most famous school is worth it. Class 1 helps them identify their key skills, talent and further abilities for the base of their following classes.

1st Standard brings the hidden potential of your kids to the light. In fact, it is the ticket to their future success that you can never miss out on. Being a parent, if you want that year 2022 to be a game-changer and turn your child into a bright and intelligent student of the future then you must visit Richmondd Global School. You can apply for admission online also.

As we have limited seats, so you advised to apply for admission on time.

Class 1st Admission Form in Delhi

Submitting an Application for admission in school for class 1 as early as possible is the wise move that every parent will be taking now for their kid’s bright future. Admission of your child to Richmondd Global School by filling up class 1 admission form will be a first step of your child to great achievement ahead. Richmondd Global School is accepting applications for school admission for 1st Standard.

Admission forms for class 1 are available on the Website of Richmondd Global School. If you still have any queries or questions or you want to ask regarding the registration, you can contact us both online and offline.

Like every year this year also, we have hundreds of new applicants for admission of1st Class. Many new parents have filled up Class 1 formfor their kids as they are excited about their kids' early education. So what are you waiting for? Apply for admission right away.

Class 1st Admission Eligibility Criteria in Delhi

Admission inClass 1 is a test for both parents and the kid. 1st Standard is the very special and important step towards the academic life of your child after play, Nursery and Prep classes. And if you want them to study and grow in Delhi's most popular CBSE-affiliated school, then Richmondd Global School is undoubtedly the best choice.

The eligibility criteria to get admission to Richmondd Global School are simple to understand. The minimumage of the kid should be five and the maximum age is six years.

The age limit for admission in class 1are set according to mental ability of the children. If your child matches the age for admission in class 1 then you must apply for admission soon.

Class 1st Admission Test in Delhi

Your child’s experiences in 1st Class would be his/her crucial growth years. Academic exploration, concept clearance through digitalized classes and talented teachers collectively will form a productive environment for your kids at Richmondd Global School. It would be the power and potential of 1st Class education at Richmondd Global School which will bring the highest results on his/her grade cards. But make sure they are ready for the Admission Test conducted to check their eligibility for1st standard.

Don’t worry; your kid only needs to clear some interview questions which are basically an interaction with the school faculty. A general admission test paper for class 1 is also conducted to know whether the student is ready for class 1st or not.