Music & Dance Classes In Delhi

Music (vocal and instrumental) and singing are taught to the highest standard. The room has a wide range of musical instruments and all instruments are easily accessible to children. Children’s individual talents are nurtured and supported by music experts.
In dance studio children’s motor skills, coordination, balance and poise are increased while having fun. By being exposed to different types of dance styles, children are able to recognize their abilities, interest in dance styles and gain confidence from them. It also plays a vital role in child’s physical well-being.
In this studio, imaginative plays develop creativity in children. They stimulate and challenge the children’s brain, and allow them to be innovative and broad-minded. Teachers provide a range of strategies to help children to improve language, musical and interpersonal skills, develop confidence and overcome anxieties.
Richmondd Global School aims to encourage children to enjoy and understand the principles in art and design; color mixing, exploring pattern, texture and the use of 2D/3D shape and form, experimenting with line and tone. The children learn to respond to the diversity of art and design from different cultures and valuing the contribution made by artists, craft workers and designers past and present.