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Class UKG Admission in Delhi

Upper Kindergarten - also known as pre-school or learning garden for the children - increases kids’ interaction with the outside world. UKG admission means a lot to academic years of every kid as it brings transition in toddlers' behavior, communication and prepares them for early schooling education. So, considering it if you have that growing toddler at home, Upper Kindergarten class will help them coming out of the home environment to adjust well in schooling life.

However, the best school for UKG admission plays an equally important role here. Such as Richmondd Global School in Delhi, where we help your little champ grow physically, emotionally and mentally to shine like a star in his/her schooling life with a very warm and friendly atmosphere.

But you need to bring them for UKG Class as early as possible, as many little friends are waiting for them in the classroom. UKG Admission in Delhi’s most prestigious CBSE School is open now. If you want the year 2022 to be a special year for both you and your kid, enroll their name for UKG Admission in Richmondd Global School.

Teachers at Richmondd Global School make the first experience in kindergarten for your kid the best experience of their life. It is the specialty of upper kindergarten admission standard at Richmondd Global School, where Delhi’s small kids love to come, play and get to learn lots of things along with their friends.

Class UKG Admission Form in Delhii

UKG admission form is available on Richmondd Global School's official website as well as school premises. Don't waste your time; it is the need of your growing kid. Application for admission in UKG has also been started, and we want every parent to reach out to the school and fill upper kindergarten admission form as early as possible.

Already many parents have downloaded admission forms for UKG offline admission; many have submitted online applications and are prepared to send their little one for the UKG class.

Richmondd Global School is a CBSE and IGCSE affiliated school known as the best schooling option in Delhi. Your kid's admission right now in the school will help them take admission easily in higher classes at Richmondd Global School. So don’t delay!

Class UKG Admission Eligibility Criteria in Delhi

UKG Admission age limit is 5 & 6, but we recommend you do not wait for them to over age 6. Bring them to UKG class as soon as they turn 4 or 5 years. That is the best suitable upper Kindergarten admission age of your kid. Leave the search for the best school if they are in pre-KG admission age. The ideal age group for UKG admission begins after your kid crosses his 4. And if they have already turned 4 or 5 years old, stop searching anymore and bring them to Richmondd Global School. Richmondd Global is a CBSE-affiliated school and popularly known for its hygienic infrastructure, caring teachers, and top-class education to kids in upper kindergarten standards.

Class UKG Admission Process in Richmondd Global School, Delhi

Dreaming of your kid outranking everyone in his early-schooling life? Hurry! Buy them a small cute bag, uniform and send them to join upper kindergarten class at Richmondd Global Schoolin West Delhi because the UKG admission process will hardly take a few hours.

1.Simply go to the admission option (available on Richmondd Global School’s website menu)

2.Submit the asked details to apply online (alternatively, visit Richmondd Global School and apply for admission offline).

3.Talk with teachers and school management about the doubt you have regarding upper kindergarten classes.

4.Submit parent’s ID and Kids’ ID including home address

5.Prepare your kid in School Uniform with books and bags to make them ready for the UKG class.

Initially, it can be a bit difficult, but you need not to worry as we are always with them. Our teachers always actively monitor their activities and moreover school campus is fully secured and equipped with best-in-class facilities that build a comfortable and enjoyable environment for kids inside their UKG class.