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Commerce VS Science: What to Choose for class 11 Students and which is better?

Over the years, the educational streams have widened.Students are stressed out after passing out 10th STD and confused in 11th while deciding which stream, science or Commerce would better serve them. Only a handful of students are very confident and clear about the subjects to be chosen and select the streamwhich will lead them to a successful career path.

Let's clear the conflict taking place in the mind of the class 11 students about which subject to choose for better prospects:

Commerce VS Science:


Commerce stream has always been in great demand and provides exciting job opportunities on a large scale. If you are confident enough to study Commerce and are interested in commercial subjects, you should go ahead with commerce to gain relevant insights and practical knowledge.

But some students may be good at math and may find the commerce stream interesting; such students can excel in accounts as it provides an array of job opportunities in the financial sector. Commerce students can go ahead being a (Chartered accountant- CA), (Company secretary -CS), Marketing Manager, HR-Payroll, accountancy and many more Job openings are available in the market with students relating to commerce background.

The primary subjects in Commerce for the class are
1) Business studies
2) Economics
3) Finance.


Science is a fascinating subject, and you get a plethora of job options after graduating from science. If you score very well in physics, chemistry and math, then, it would be the right decision to choose science in class 11.

In today's times, there are innumerable opportunities in the Science and Commerce stream. You cannot define which is better an option. However, technically speaking,Science steals the show as students get exposure to the latest technology and innovation. So, if you are fascinated by the world of science, without a second thought, choose science.

The core subjects in science for class 11th are:
1) Physics
2) Chemistry
3) Math
4) computer science.

However, there is no comparison between Commerce and Science as both have their unique career path. Therefore, any subject chosen in class 11, whether Commerce or Science, should be relevant and entirely depends on individual interest.

Richmond Global school best for Commerce and science stream

In this matter, Richmond Global School, a prestigious education centre recognized by the Directorate of Education and affiliated with the CBSE curriculum, plays an essential role in building the career of class 11th students and helping them choose the subjects of their choice.

Class 11 Students at Richmondd Global School can benefit with:

Career Test

Richmond Global school help class 11 students choose a subject of their interest with a career test. Students are asked a few questions or a written test to know their interest in these subjects. Career counsellors guide students and give clarity on different subjects available for class 11.

Digitized smart classrooms

State of the art infrastructure in the Richmondd school enable learning via digital resources such as animated video clips and simulated models giving insights on topics for commerce and science subjects. Innovative classrooms make learning a pleasant experience. Interesting diagrams, maps and illustrations help to understand the concepts easily.

High-tech lab

Students' scientific curiosity is answered with three major laboratories that are well equipped with apparatus of global standards for science students. Scientific study is made practically interesting with practical demonstrations.

Hence, those students who are seeking admissions in class 11 in west Delhi can reach out to RichmonddGlobal School for the right guidance to choose the right stream in class 11.