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Top interview questions and answers in Class 1 admission

Class 1 admissions have already begun in the capital city of Delhi.Once the forms have been filled and submitted, the documents have been uploaded and the first and second list of admissions have been declared, you need to prepare for interview questions for admissions in class 1.

Just like you would prepare for any interview, Class 1 interview too needs some preparations on your part as parents as well as for your child.

Why does class 1 admissions require an interview?

The point of an interview is to assess the child on his or her abilities and understanding as per the age. It gives the school staff a fair bit of assessment of the child’s developmental milestones. It helps them to know if the child is aware of the things around us like fruits, vegetables, colours, shapes etc. All these help the interviewer to be in a better position to decide status of admission for class 1.

Today, interviews for class 1 students are no longer an introductory type of sessions. It is no longer about giving your name and your age and your fathers name and mothers name. It delves more into understanding the level of awareness of the child.

Let us take a look at some of the top interview questions that your child may face during their interview for admissions in class 1.

Question 1: Basic introduction. Here the interviewer is setting up the child for the interview session by making the child a bit comfortable. These questions can be:

• What is your name?
• What is your father’s name?
• What is your mother’s name?
• Do you have a sister or brother?
• What is his or her name?
• Where do you live?
• Do your grandparents live with you?

Question 2: A little complex set of questions to understand the child a bit better. These questions can be:

• When is your birthday?
• Which month you were born in?
• Which is your favourite animal?
• Do you have a pet at home?
• What is your favourite colour?
• Can you sing your favourite rhyme?
• When you grow up, what do you want to do?

Question 3: These set of questions aims to sense the logical aspect of the child’s development:

• Can you pick up the biggest toy from this basket?
• Can you tell me what is the colour of an apple?
• Can you tell me what the boy in this picture is doing?
• Can you give me a high five?
• Can you tell me which of these three is the tallest?

Question 4: English is the main language of correspondence in school; hence this section will test the child’s understanding of the English language:

• Can you tell the alphabets from A to Z?
• Can you spell a cat?
• Can you read this sentence?
I sat on a mat
• What letter is this?

Question 5: This section deals with the mathematical understanding of the child. These questions can be:

• Can you tell me what comes after the number 9?
• Can you count the numbers from backwards?
• Can you count the beads on this necklace?
• How many wheels does this toy car have?
• Can you stick 7 stars in this picture?
• Can you draw a circle?
• How many fingers do you have?

These are the 5 basic sections with these broad set of questions that you can help prepare your child with. The important thing is you help your child understand these questions calmly. He or she should not be pressured into mugging up these questions, rather teach them at their pace to learn.

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