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Top 5 importance of Nursery Schooling

Nursery or preschool plays an important role in your child’s overall personality development. Exposure to the world through the right academic source is necessary and this is when nursery schooling be comes significant for beginners. With formal education, the child is exposed to several new learning concepts that influences their growth years positively.

Richmondd Global school (RGS) in Paschim Vihar, West Delhi is one of the most esteemed, innovative and modern schools in India. It takes pride in bringing world class education to the students from K-12 co-educational school, affiliated to the CBSE board and Cambridge assessment international education (U.K) up to secondary level in all streams.

Make the most of the nursery admissions reopened in Richmondd Global School and build your child’s self-esteem for a great academic journey.

Essential Amenities atRichmond Global School for Nursery Schooling

The school has recently developed a nursery IT center, which very few schools have created in this era. It is mainly developed for giving real practical knowledge, making school learning interesting for your child.

• Hi-tech infrastructure -Fully air-conditioned classes, clean and hygienic environment with lush green garden, built with ultra-modern amenities and various sports facilities is the right place for developing overall performance of your child.

• Extra-curricular activities- The school involves various extra fun activities such as dancing, singing, Judo karate, yoga, skating, Zumba, debate andmany more to enhance student’s personal skills.

• Teaching expertise– A child would love going to school if the teachers are polite and patiently handling the kids, inculcating good habits in them. Richmondd Global school employs the best teachers specialized in nursery schooling.

• Innovative teaching and attractive classrooms- Plenty of toys, block buildings, and flash cards are displayed to recognize letters, animals, vegetables, numbers and colors which will make your kids understand the things easily with smart methods of teaching.

• Safety and security – First priority for parents is their child’s safety when they go to school even for few hours. Richmond Global school provides CCTV security and GPS bus tracking app for 100% safety of nursery children.

What are the Top 5 Significant Aspects of Richmond Global Nursery School?

1. Development of Social and Emotional Behavior – Nursery school is a great way for children to learn the simple things in life like co-operation, sharing, respect and self-learning. A nursery school is an independent environment for your child to explore and learn. It strengthens the foundation and teaches them to be self-independent socially and emotionally.

2. Development of Language and Mathematical Skills – Some children only speak their mother tongue before stepping into pre-school/nursery phase. Children start learning other languages like Hindi and English along with mathematical skills using pictorial books, symbols, blocks and objects. This enables primary school learning with the right set of language and analytical skills considering numbers and alphabets.

3. Interactive Learning - Innovative technology synced in the education stream makes learning an interesting process for the little learners. Nowadays, the primary teachers are given relevant training to teach learning concepts via digital media. With an audio-visual medium of learning, children in the nursery classes feel interested in learning and enjoy the overall process.

4. Building Confidence – It’s the millennial era, even the learning process for primary education has evolved. Richmond global school focuses on practical knowledge more than the bookish concepts. This helps your child to be expressive about their thoughts and actions since the initial phase and elevates the child’s self-esteem in the right direction.

5. Preparing for elementary school – With the right guidance and learning at Richmond Global nursery school, you can be sure of your children to turn smart in communicating and expressing their thoughts confidently in front of teachers and parents. This is a result of multiple interactive sessions in the class such as story telling, reciting poems, drawing, role play and many more activities which prepare children practically for the next academic level.

Another significant habit that children imbibe from nursery school is toilet training, which plays a significant role in making your child self-reliant and Richmond Global school makes sure to make your child an independent person precisely.

RichmonddGlobal School is an admired school in West Delhi. Recently, the school had some good news to share about nursery admissions getting restarted online. Children in an age group of 3 - 4years as on 31 March 2022 are eligible for nursery admissions.

Richmondd Global School is built with state-of-the-art infrastructure that supports early learning at the nursery phase and helps children in achieving the academic milestones year after year.