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Reasons Why Nursery Schooling is Important

A couple of decades ago, children did not start school until the first grade or till about the age of 6 years. Today, the scenario has completely changed. It is normal for the children school to start with playgroup and nursery schooling as early as 2.5yearsor even at the age of 2 years. To keep up in pace with other parents, you too might be gearing up to send your child for nursery schooling and seeking nursery school admissions for the upcoming year 2022.

Those residing in the capital city of Delhi don’t have to look around much for nursery schooling as the options are varied in the vicinity. Being a part of West Delhi, keep yourself updated as the nursery admissions commence in areas near you. Whether it is East Punjabi Bagh or West Punjabi Bagh, Vikashpuri or Janakpuri, Tilak Nagar or Kirti Nagar, etc. the significance of nursery schooling is understood everywhere.

But as a parent, it is more than importantto understand why a nursery school is important for your child.Nursery schooling is not just a trend, it is a scientifically proven method for an overall development of your child since the start.

Here are some reasons that confirm nursery schooling is not a choice but a need that most parents understand and encourage their child for timely learning.

Prepares them for school

As the name suggests, a preschool is basically a school that prepares your child for an academic journey.Observantly, students easily adapt to the secondary level of education afterbeing consistent in the primary learning phase that begins from nursery. It introduces your child to the world of schooling with emphasis on personal development and inculcating interpersonal skills. It helps children to be disciplined in their academic journey.

At preschool, children are introduced to academics like alphabets and numbers in an appealing way through songs and stories, rhymes and games. Learning with fun makes it easier for children to remember concepts. If a child starts school without nursery, where the focus is on strict academics, then they may develop an aversion to school and learning.

Develops social and emotional skills

Today, we live in a very closely knit social world. From joint families to neutral families, from many children to one or two children, from cousins living together to meeting cousins occasionally, our social lives have changed tremendously. A nursery school will help your child to meet other children of their own age. This will help them to build friendships, listen to others, share things, play in harmony, and developstrong social and emotional bonds.

Teaches them to be independent

A preschool is the first step for little children to get out of their comfort zone. They learn to flexibly adapt to new surroundings away from home, parents, grandparents and caretakers. It helps them to overcome the initial separation anxiety and feelindependentat an early age. They learn to be responsible and start taking care of their things like bag, lunch box and toys.

Helps them to become learners

Children have fresh minds, not influenced with external factors like adult minds. Their active imaginations and curiosity get entertained at school. This helps them to seek answers to their innocent questions and learn faster.

Helps in identifying and nurturing talents

When exposed to an environment full of opportunity, your child may start to show their talent for a particular skill. They may be good at solving puzzles or they may be excellent in dancing and singing activities, super quick with numbers or a good storyteller. Teachers often identify these budding talentsand encourage them to bloom in their respective areas of interest.

Promotes physical growth

Physical exercise and playground games form a part of the curriculum even at a nursery school. The daily hop, skip and jump promotes physical growth, children also understand the importance of teamwork and develop leadership skills.

Scientifically proven

Extensive research in the area ofchild development shows that experiences in the early years of a child affect later stages of life. Children who attend preschool tend to have better social skills, they are better adapted to society, may not require any special education later, they develop greater ability to concentrate etc.

Finding the best nursery school

The trick is not justabout finding a nursery school for your child but also in finding the best nursery school in the vicinity. Only the best ones have the ability to provide an environment that will be beneficial in all areas of development, namely, emotional, social, physical, cognitive etc.

Considering nursery schooling in West Delhi location, Richmondd Global School is one of the most prestigious schools in all of Paschim Vihar, Vikaspuri, Janakpuri, Rajouri Garden and Tilak Nagar. It was featured amongst the top 3 best schools by The Times of IndiaGroup in West Delhi and even in Pitampura, Rohini etc.

Richmondd Global School is not only a school known for its academics, but also well known for its innovative learning backed by latest digital technology. With huge classrooms, well-educated teachers, trained staff, your child will definitely be close to quality education and overall development.

It is important that parents don’t just pick a school because it is closest to your house. Spend some quality time in assessing the best nursery schools for your children because this time spent in giving quality education will prove to be a priceless investment for your child’s future!