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What is the Importance of Class 11 In a Student's Life?

Starting Class 11 is altogether a new phase in the academic journey. It builds a foundation for higher studies and brings students to an altogether new learning environment that is different from schooling. It is often observed students underestimating class 11 as it seems to be a basic level to move ahead to critical academic levels like class 12 and class 15. However, it is important to take class 11 as equally critical to reach up to the graduation level successfully.

Class 11 lays down concepts for future academics

Commerce, mathematics and science form the basis of higher education. The concepts and formulae that are taught in class 11 prove to be practically useful in the future. For instance, when you start a business, the concepts of both commerce and accounts can be applied in a real-life scenario.

Class 11 prepares you for class 12 boards

Class 11 prepares you for various entrance exams

From class 11 onward, students prepare for various entrance exams, be it for medicine, engineering, law or management. The concepts for these entrance exams are based on class 11 studies. The curriculum for most entrance exams is vast and these syllabi is a combination of basics learnt in class 11 and class 12. So, class 11 is equally important as other levels of higher studies.

Class 11 prepares you for class 12 boards

Class 12 is a critical level that can be reached only after class 11 is passed successfully. It is a college learning phase that includes matures concepts catering to a variety of subjects, that form the basis of class 12 boards curriculum.

Class 11 admission is as important as class 11 itself

When your basics are crystal clear and when you score good marks in class 11, it can lift up your morale and boost your confidence to face class 12 boards. If the basics are not clear, the next critical level can be difficult to crack. Hence, keep going with class 11 just like any other academic level.

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